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tv   Weekly Republican Address  CSPAN  April 25, 2015 5:25pm-5:31pm EDT

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manufacturing. if they were ever an agreement that undercut that progress or hurt those workers, i would not sign it. i'm about helping working families recover from recession and rebuild for the future. as long as i am president, that is what i will keep fighting to do. thanks and have a great weekend. revisit ofd. representative ryan: this week we passed a bill that would establish tpa. trade promotion authority. soon, that bill will go through congress. i think this is one of the most important things congress can do for the country right now. here is the issue -- right now the united states is negotiating two distort trade agreements. one with our friends in the pacific rim and another with our friends in europe. we need these trade agreements so we can lay down fair and strong rules that tear down barriers and open markets to american products.
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96% of the world consumers do not live in the united states, they live in other countries. we have to make more things in america and sell them overseas so we can create more jobs here at home. when we do, american workers benefit. manufacturing jobs that rely on trade takes 16% more on average. today, the deck is stacked against our workers in far too many places. we let other countries sell their products over here, but they have put up trade barriers that make it hard to sell our products over there. these trade agreements will level the playing field for america's workers. but to complete them, we need tpa. so what is it? tpa is a process for getting the most effective trade agreements possible and for holding the administration accountable all along the way. tpa puts congress in the driving
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seat because it lets congress set the agenda. we say to the administration -- first, here are your negotiating objectives. 150 of them. tear down barriers to our products. be our protection for intellectual property. get rid of kickbacks for foreign government firms. second here are your transparency requirements. to name a few, you have to let any member of congress read the negotiating offers at any time. you even have to allow any member to allow the negotiating rounds. 60 days before the administration even agrees to any agreement, you have to publish the full text so the american people can read it for themselves. third, congress gets the final set. if you meet all of these requirements we will give the agreement an up or down vote without amendment.
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this would give our trading partners the confidence they need to make the best offers. if the administration does not do all that we have said, we can cancel the boat and change it or stop it completely. in short tpa will hold the administration accountable and get the highest quality agreement possible. mistakes are really high because -- the stakes are really hot because in the global economy if you are not pulling forward, you are falling behind. china is negotiating trade deals all over the world and they are trying to rig the rules and their favor. it all comes down to this question -- is china going to write the rules of the global economy or are we? are we going to rise to the occasion and provide american leadership in the world? this is our challenge and our opportunity. we have a chance to write the rules in our terms, to raise other countries to our standards, to create more opportunity for our people. all across the country, people
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are coming together to support tpa. farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, democrats republicans. they know the stakes. they know what this means for our country. congress should not let them down. we are the only country that can do this. we are the only of country that can stand up for free enterprise in the rule of law. this is our moment. it is our chance to lead, to restore american leadership in the world. we still got a lot of work to do, but it all begins with tpa and this vote. thank you. >> tonight, the white house correspondents association's annual dinner with remarks from president obama. this year's entertainment is saturday night live's cecily strong. she gives us a preview of what she might say following the president's remarks. c>> did your dad give you any advice?
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cecily: no, he has given me -- no you know. i'm always threatening. you want me to say that? so -- i'm not going to. >> any jokes? cecily: from my dad? no way. >> anything off-limits? anyone off-limits? cecily: there is no limits really. even if something is a little bit -- everything it is important, and sometimes you can sneak little jabs and there, and topics, and 2016


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